Senior Massage


When a person thinks of massage, they usually envision a vigorous rubdown at the gym or a long relaxing session at an expensive day spa or salon. Massage for the elderly, in an age appropriate, or in a more frail state of health, takes on a whole new perspective. The style of massage taught at DAY-BREAK has been proven to be effective, increasing health and wellness among its recipients. Because of these factors, massage can become a health maintenance regime to increase the quality of life in the elderly.


Geriatrics and Massage

The natural aging process is guided by two factors: Heredity- responsible for the basic physical structure of a person, and Life- the activities of daily living & happenings over a lifetime. Thus, while there may be typical 20-year olds, there are no typical 70-year olds. The benefits of massage are numerous for any age of client, and certainly no less so in the elderly.


Massage can:
Enhance Circulation- of the blood and lymphatic systems, increasing the body's capacity for cell building, energy formation, and cleansing.

Stimulate the Nervous System- aiding in the release of endorphins, hormones, and neurotransmitters.

Soften Hardened Muscle and Connective Tissue- by increasing blood supply to the affected areas and by use of kneading techniques and passive joint movement.

Relax the Mind- In addition to the warming effect and the neutral stimulation of massage, a feeling of well being, caring, and safety is created. This type of contact can be positive to the emotional well being of the often touch-deprived elderly. A regularly scheduled Senior Massage can be a good prophylactic to many of the problems of aging.


What is Senior Massage?

It is a Geriatric Massage that uses special, specific techniques to achieve maximum effect, but still allow for the health & condition of the client. It can be performed several different ways: #1, #2, #3 (over) - is a 45 to 60 minute session with approximately 30 minutes of actual "hands on" time, on a traditional massage table with the client in either the face down or face up position the entire 30 minutes. Some clothing could be removed to be effective, proper draping is done at all times. For safety, a detailed Heath History is required, & possibly a Doctor's permission. #3 & #4 (over) - Senior Massage, modified, can usually be administered to clients in wheel chairs, easy chairs, or bedridden. #5 - Senior Chair Massage (see back side of this pamphlet). Ask about all of the possibilities.


Is 1/2 hour really enough?

Massage has a profound effect on the body, a one hour session in the elderly could have a negative effect by over- loading the heart, nervous system, & possibly the kidneys.


Are some of the costs a little pricey?

It might seem so at first glance. But, extra time will be taken to initially evaluate health history & to review it at future visits, plus, preparing to get on & off the massage table may not be a quick process. Also, there is extra value when some of the services are delivered to you location or doorstep! A safe, high quality, and specialized service like this should not be rushed.


Senior Massage can be provided in various locations & ways:


#1) At the current offce of Massage by Joel- appointments may be scheduled at any regularly available time. Cost per session: $50.00


#2) The could be provided on-site at any facility (ie: retirement complex, independent or assisted living center, nursing home, etc.) that would allow the independent contractor to perform the service in a room with enough space, pnvacy, and temperature comfort. It must be pre-scheduled & have a minimum number of clients per visit (4-5). Cost per session: $50.00


#3) Senior Massage with or without the table can also go directly to private homes or apartments, space permitting. A no smoking environment for the Therapist is required. A family member or helper may be required to be available during and/or after the session. Additional cost for travel time out side the city is possible, depending on distance. Please call for an exact quote. Cost per session:$115.00


#4) Senior Massage (modified), provided in locations as in # 2), can accommodate clients in wheel chairs, easy chairs, bed ridden, with Alzheimer's, and more. No clothing is removed, & is a 30 to 40 minute session with approximately 20 minutes of actual "hands on". Must be pre-scheduled, authorized, and screened (health history). Minimum number of clients per visit (5-6). Cost per session: $35.00


#5) Senior Chair .Massage is a 1 5 or 30 minute session with approximately 10 or 20 minutes of actual "hands on" time of work on the feet/legs and / or hands/arms (no clothing removed). A short Health History is needed -- probably no Doctor's permission. The service would be offered in a similar setting as in # 2) , must be pre- scheduled, with a minimum number of clients per visit (8-10). Cost per session: $16.00 or $30.00


THANK you for considering Senior Massage. Please be assured that quality, safety, integrity, and confidentiality are at the foundation of my practice. All times are approximate. Price's subject to change without notice, one discount per visit. Package rates, gift certificates, and relaxation products are available.