“Find the pain

  ~ look elsewhere for the cause.”  
-John F. Barnes, PT



What is Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR)?                             
The simplest explanation: it is a safe, effective, hands-on technique that involves applying sustained pressure onto the Fascial System to reduce or eliminate pain, and restore motion.


What is Fascia?                             
Fascia is another name for connective tissue in the Human Body. The body is not just a skeleton with a skin wrapper, and everything “sloshing around” inside. Connective tissue holds everything in place, and runs through out the body from head to toe uninterrupted, not one long strand, but kind of like a big spider web, inter-connected. Fascia normally has an elasticity to it, similar to a rubber band, it will stretch, twist and turn with-in the body. Sometimes, because of injury, wear and tear, trauma, stress, ect., fascia can become “stuck”, or “brittle”, and will loose its’ flexibility in spots.


Stuck Fascia
"stuck" fascia


When this happens, there can be as much as 2,000 lbs. per square inch of pressure on nerves, blood vessels, or muscle fibers. That's one big honkin Elephant sitting on you!


Fascial Restrictions - -                             
is a fancy name for “stuck” connective tissue. It does not show up on X rays, CT scans, an MRI, or other conventional tests. MFR is not a substitute for conventional medical care when a serious structural or medical condition exists, but some times, the best candidate for MFR Therapy is the person who has had “every test in the book”, and nothing can be found wrong! Visit the MFR Stories area here to view some interesting “stories” about actual MFR clients.


How does MFR work?                             
Unlike Massage, which uses a firm pressure on the muscles, MFR is directed at the fascia (connective tissues) thru out the body. A light, gentle touch or stretch is applied to an area for a sustained period of time. This encourages the fascia to “rehydrate”, relax, and gain its elasticity back, thus relieving the crushing pressure.


Relaxed Fascia
"relaxed" fascia


Preparing for, and what happens, in a MFR session.                             
As in Massage Therapy, for a new client, a Health History is taken. After a review of that, the desired goals are discussed, then, other questions are answered. Soft lighting and a relaxing environment are provided. Some times, the first session might or could be done with “traditional” massage therapy draping. But, in MFR, Therapist access to the body, physically and visually, is helpful, so little, or minimal draping might be used. Clients are advised to bring along garments to be modestly covered. A gym shorts type of bottom, or a good covering underwear would work, and for the female client, a sports bra, halter top, or a two piece swim suit would be fine. You will be coached to let your mind mellow out, let it go where ever it wants to. It is well known that in any type of Bodywork there can be the presence of emotion, so I tell clients if they want to laugh, laugh. Cry, cry. Also, let the body go where it wants, if the neck, arm, leg or the whole body feels like stretching or moving, let it go. Because of the light touch involved, the biggest challenge in receiving MFR may be in your thinking: “Is the Therapist doing anything?”


I often say: “Different things work for different people at different times”. Myofascial Release Therapy, while not for everyone, has the potential of reaching deeper into the body, in its’ own way, more so than many other therapies or modalities.


Other: Clients of any age can receive MFR, but when 17 or younger, a parental consent form must be signed.


Thank You, for considering Myofascial Release Therapy. Please be assured that quality, safety, integrity, & confidentiality are at the foundation of my practice.


Therapy Rates:                             
45 minute: $55.00
60 minute: $65.00
90 minute: $88.00


*If pre-qualified, car or liability insurance might be able to be billed. Call for insurance rates. *All times are approximate. *Price’s subject to change without notice, one discount per visit please.

There are many types/styles of MFR. The John F. Barnes’ Approach, of MFR is used here.

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